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“…well-being involves a sense of purpose, optimism, hope, agency, and direction” Shawn Ginwright - Hope, Healing, and Care

Our strategy is to share our approaches to sustainable wellbeing for everyone. We aim to be curious about exciting and new ideas and to always continue to learn.

There are so many ways that we can enhance our sense of wellbeing. What works for each person will vary, and so we love to share what we and are teams are learning and talking about:

  1. The wild space: a lost wellbeing refuge

    Barely four years ago, I wouldn’t have noticed a whole army of swallows if they’d taken up residence in my kitchen. Like many people, I was cut off from the natural world, not by distance, but by indifference.

  2. Wild swimming

    Wild swimming has experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Swimmers describe feeling energised by the cold water and some feel that regular dips help them to better manage their mental health.

  3. Inspiring reads for 2020

    Learn a variety of ways to understand and support your mental health and wellbeing through these reads as recommended by our employees.

  4. Resources for wellbeing and mental health

    We asked our employees to share their recommendations for inspiring articles, books and podcasts relating to wellbeing and mental health. Here’s what they came up with.

  5. Being organised

    There are many ways that being more organised can improve your mental health.

  6. Reaching out

    Reaching out can feel daunting and a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s important to know that everybody needs a little extra support sometimes.

  7. Helping others

    Helping others can also help you to feel good by creating a positive change in your mood and emotions.