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Your wellbeing

“…well-being involves a sense of purpose, optimism, hope, agency, and direction” Shawn Ginwright - Hope, Healing, and Care

There are so many ways we can enhance our sense of wellbeing. What works for each person can vary, but here are some great starting points:

1. Meditation and other mindfulness practices
2. The great outdoors and connecting with nature
3. Nurture positive self-talk
4. Getting into a ‘flow state’
5. Exercise for the greater good
6. Make time for family and friends
7. Helping others
8. Reaching out
9. Healthy sleeping habits
10. Being organised

  1. Resources for wellbeing and mental health

    We asked our employees to share their recommendations for inspiring articles, books and podcasts relating to wellbeing and mental health. Here’s what they came up with.

  2. Being organised

    There are many ways that being more organised can improve your mental health.

  3. Reaching out

    Reaching out can feel daunting and a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s important to know that everybody needs a little extra support sometimes.

  4. Helping others

    Helping others can also help you to feel good by creating a positive change in your mood and emotions.

  5. Exercise for the greater good

    If we do something we genuinely enjoy, we’re more likely to stick at it when we become busy, and we’ll feel better for doing it.

  6. Positive self-talk

    Positive affirmations and self-talk release ‘feel-good’ hormones, and help you ‘re-wire’ your brain to focus on your strengths and the positives in your life.