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Our approach

Three principal approaches underpin our work. Individually, these approaches are widely respected but we believe bringing them together is what forms the foundation to sustainable wellbeing for all.

Strengths based

We believe that all people and all communities have innate strengths.  Connecting with these strengths is where every journey starts.

Too often services focus on what is ‘wrong’ and try to ‘fix’ it. Evidence shows us that this approach doesn’t work; it neglects and ignores the strengths and skills people going through difficult times already have, and it doesn’t lead to sustainable change.

We know we can’t ‘fix’ people, but what we can do is walk alongside people and help where we can on their journey.

Trauma informed

We work to a trauma informed model which means that we believe most forms of emotional distress are rooted in life experiences. We understand how lives can be shaped by traumatic experiences, and how often people’s thoughts, behaviours and feelings can be understandable coping strategies for dealing with life.

To this end, we will always be interested in ‘what has happened to you?’ rather that ‘what is wrong with you?’.  We work with people to find ways to work through trauma and the challenges it can bring.

Healing focussed

All our work focuses on healing, restoration and moving forward. We work with people through the challenges they are experiencing to find ways to manage their wellbeing. This involves working with people to identify and harness their strengths and abilities in order to achieve sustainable wellbeing and live the life of their choice.

Read more about how we put these approaches into practice through our projects and blogs.