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About us

Platfform is the mental health and social change charity.

We are a platform for connection, transformation and social change.

We work with people who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, and with communities who want to create a greater sense of connection, ownership and wellbeing in the places that they live.

We do not believe that people or communities are “broken” or in need of fixing. We are driven by the fundamental belief that a strengths-based approach is the foundation to sustainable wellbeing for everyone.

We take a trauma informed approach to understanding mental health and emotional distress and see the mental health, and wider health, social care and public sector systems, as no longer ‘fit for purpose’. Based on illness and/or deficit models, they deny people the hope and agency to heal.

We are part of a growing social movement working towards a fundamental shift in the way that public services are provided, so that they support people towards sustainable wellbeing and the life of their choice.

We have operated in Wales as Gofal for 30 years, as of 24 of July we are Platfform.

See where we’ve come from and where we’re heading. Watch our film.