Being organised

There are many ways that being more organised can improve your mental health.

When we effectively plan and provide structure for the way we work or the way we organise our daily living we can see overall benefits that improve sleep, our relationships, work and health.

Planning our week allows us to decide what we need to do and helps limit the stress of managing a busy life, it also allows us to plan in some time for our wellbeing and self-care. At times, we can feel overwhelmed with thoughts of coping with all of the things we may be expected to do and so building in an effective and well thought out plan can help to manage stress and provide some calm in our busy lives.

Here are some steps to be more organised and free up time:

  1. Plan your meals and clothes for the week ahead
  2. Organise your diary (remember to make time to relax and enjoy, too!)
  3. Declutter your home (maybe on a monthly basis?)
  4. Set aside enough time for work/study
  5. Plan wellbeing activities each week (this could be mindfulness, yoga, connecting with nature, spending time with family or friends).

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