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Social enterprise

We operate social enterprises that reinvest all profits into our charitable work and create employment opportunities.


APP UK operates as a subsidiary of Platfform Enterprises Ltd. We aim to be the first-choice cleaning and facilities solutions provider, delivering on cleaning, maintaining and securing customer properties and estates. We excel at being able to adapt and innovate, providing either individual service options or integrated facilities solutions that work for your specific requirements.

Find out more about APP UK.

Platfform Wellbeing

In 2018 we founded Breathe (now Platfform Wellbeing), our unique counselling and wellbeing centre based in Cardiff.  Platfform wellbeing offers strategies for organisations, training for teams, talking therapies for everyone.

All profits from Platfform Wellbeing are reinvested into Platfform, helping to further fund our work throughout Wales. Find out more at platfformwellbeing.com

Counselling and therapies

Breathe supports individuals and organisations through counselling and a range of mental health and wellbeing bespoke training and research led solutions. The centre is staffed by a team of professional counsellors, all BACP registered and each providing a tailored counselling approach.

Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to the person attending and helping them find ways to work through difficulties and move forward. Platfform Wellbeing also hosts a range of therapies and activities that support and enhance wellbeing, including reflexology, yoga and shiatsu.

Workplace Wellbeing

Plattform Wellbeing offers a range of wellbeing at work programmes that can be tailored for all types of organisations and companies.

These can include Workplace Training, Workplace Wellbeing Strategy, Crisis Intervention, Supervision, Employee Assistance Programmes and Workplace Counselling.

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