Platfform Wellbeing

Platfform wellbeing offers strategies for organisations, training for teams, talking therapies for everyone.



Wellbeing support for people and organisations

Our Platfform Wellbeing team is made up of more than 85 people. All of us on the team want to change the world through a compassionate, human approach. We are psychologists, workplace wellbeing experts, and counsellors covering a wide range of areas.

We combine our award-winning counselling services (previously known as Breathe) with workplace wellbeing training. Our approach provides a much longer-term way of understanding and managing mental health challenges in a preventative rather than reactive way.

Our approach is based on the expertise we have gathered in our 30+ years as a mental health charity working across private, public, and third sectors.

Our counselling provision offers a breadth of talking therapies and has supported over 3,000 people since its formation in 2018. The support we offer to organisations isn’t an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach. We work closely with organisations to gain a genuine understanding of their unique people, culture and relationships. That’s the basis for real, lasting change.

All profits from Platfform Wellbeing are reinvested back into the charity helping to further our joint mission of sustainable wellbeing for all.

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