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We’re part of a movement for social change, this is where we publicise our own and fellow movement members’ events and happenings.


  1. Drop the Disorder - one poem at a time — Online

    3 July 2020

    An online evening of powerful spoken word performances that challenge the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and the pathologising of emotional distress.

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  2. Compassionate Mental Health: Turning Towards Clarity — Cardiff

    6-7 October 2020

    An experiential event designed to inform, inspire and empower people living and working with mental distress. Join us for an exciting mix of plenary sessions, workshops, participation, reflection, community & connection.

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  3. Black and White thinking: The controversies of 'personality disorder' — London

    3 December 2020

    This conference will explore the controversies currently raging around how people given the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder should be considered within society.

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  4. Trauma, Spirituality & Mental Health Workshop — London, Bristol & Cardiff

    12 - 13 March 2020

    A Series of Two-Day Workshops from February to May - Exploring the interaction between Trauma, Spirituality and Mental Health - A body based approach.

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  5. FutureFest: Survival kit for the future — London

    20 March 2020

    Nesta believes that by talking about the future we enhance people’s capacity to shape it. So they created FutureFest, their flagship event, in order to explore how the big challenges of our time could be tackled by empowering people to shape the future.

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  6. Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation — Cardiff

    31 March 2020

    The Wales Centre for Public Policy is bringing local public service providers, from local government and the third sector, together with academics to share knowledge and experience, discuss local issues and challenges, understand the impact and consider how to mitigate and prevent loneliness and social isolation.

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  7. Adventure Mind — London

    27 - 28 February 2020

    Adventure Mind carries the message that adventurous activity can play a significant role in alleviating the mental health crisis for various sectors of society.

    The 2 day event includes an experienced community of outdoor professionals, researchers and adventure organisations that see the benefit of adventurous activity on people of all ages and backgrounds everyday.

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  8. Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma-informed practice — Cardiff, United Kingdom

    18 February 2020

    OCN Credit 4 Learning 6 hrs equivalent CPD accredited: Working with ACEs' Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and Understanding the basics of Trauma-Informed Practice and Neuroplasticity. Training Day Level 2.

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  9. A Disorder for Everyone! — Cardiff

    29 November 2019

    A Disorder for Everyone - challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and exploring trauma informed alternatives in association with Platfform

    This day is for anyone interested in and concerned about the current debates in 'mental health.' It provides a space to explore the critical questions of the day around the biomedical model and the narrative of 'diagnosis and disorder'.

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  10. Kind Cardiff: Connections for Radical Action — Cardiff, United Kingdom

    22 November 2019

    Cardiff is rich in its offers of kindness and this event explores the many and varied applications and power of kindness as well as the barriers and risks attached.

    Could our collective power make these offers more impactful? Cardiff like many cities, can also feel lonely and fractured, can kindness bring people together in new ways?

    Can we tell a new story in Cardiff? Come and tell us how and be part of something radically kind.

    Lunch and refreshments provided.

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  11. Meaning Conference 2019 — Brighton

    14 November 2019

    Meaning brings you bold ideas from unexpected places. Meaning brings you thinkers and do-ers from business, activism, academia and the arts. Get ready for the pioneering purpose-driven businesses innovating to disrupt not only their sectors but whole systems.

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  12. Changing the Script — Hereford, UK

    11 November 2019

    Compassionate Mental Health is part of a growing worldwide movement calling for a more integrative approach to mental health – one that relies less on diagnosis and prescription drugs, and more on empowering the person and engaging their social networks. At the heart of the project is a belief that it is possible to begin to heal oneself and others through the power of community, connection, self care and solidarity.

    Find out more at compassionatementalhealth.co.uk

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  13. What Works: Creating a Culture of Trauma Responsive Practice in Scotland — Glasgow

    05 November 2019

    Epione Training & Consultancy are delighted to host the inaugural one day ‘What Works’ trauma conference. This historic setting will bring together world-renowned Dr Bruce Perry with interactive webinar alongside leading researchers, neuroscientists, highly specialist therapists, practitioners and experts by experience to discuss one of the most pervasive public health issues of our time: adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma.

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  14. System Reflect — Birmingham

    04 November 2019

    An event by Mayday Trust: There’s a lot of talk within the sector around strength-based practice and asset based work, but what does it really mean to work in a truly person-led way?

    Based on years of experience developing a whole systems approach to strength-based work, we are delighted to present System Reflect, a one-day session that shares the learning (and sometimes the pain) of developing and delivering the Personal Transitions Service (PTS), a highly personalised, grassroots approach that places power and control in the hands of the people, not the system.

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  15. Thinking Under Fire: Feminism, Intersectionality and Trauma Informed Approaches — London

    11 October 2019

    Women and Girls Network (WGN) is holding its first conference on Friday 11th October 2019. The theme Thinking Under Fire! came about from conversations about the impact of the current socio-political climate on survivors of all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG).

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  16. Compassionate Mental Health — Brecon Beacons, Powys

    24-26 September 2019

    An experiential event designed to inform, inspire and empower people living and working with mental distress.

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