Reaching out

Reaching out can feel daunting and a little bit uncomfortable, but everybody needs a little extra support at times.

Opening up and talking to someone you trust about your thoughts, worries and feelings can provide you with comfort and help you to feel understood.

Speaking about what may be troubling you can help to order your thoughts and prioritise what you might need support with. Talking through your problems can help reduce the stress you may be experiencing by releasing pent up emotions and feelings. Friends, family and people we trust can and will want to help, and sometimes it can be helpful to talk to a professional, too. The most important thing is to make your feelings heard when you need help.

If things feel difficult and you need to reach out why not try:

  1. Reaching out to a friend or family member to talk things through
  2. Telephone counselling: check out Platfform Wellbeing for more on this
  3. Calling a health professional and talk about how you are feeling
  4. Calling a telephone support line

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