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What is system change?

We believe that the mental health system and wider health, social care and public sector systems need to be radically reformed. 

We are part of a growing social movement aiming to transform the way public services are delivered, the way communities and individuals are enabled to have autonomy and agency over their own lives, growth and recovery.

Too often services that are meant to help are built on deficit models, focusing on what’s wrong, setting eligibility criteria that rewards illness and punishes recovery. We believe in a world where sustainable wellbeing is an opportunity for all. Our public and helping services need to be designed to support this.

We have long known the power of authentic relationships proven time and again in “best practice” models of care and support but we have also long known the frustration of trying to nurture, grow, and evolve this authenticity within broader systems and cultures that are not designed to support these ways of being.

Professional defensiveness, protecting the status quo and setting up whole sectors to compete against each other for survival creates a toxic mix that stymies the system conditions needed to co create real change. At Platfform we are ethical and determined in our approach to challenging this dynamic and role modelling a better way of being.

We have much to learn but by building on existing knowledge, research, emerging practice and thinking we are developing our own theory of change underpinned by our unique asset-based, trauma-informed, healing-focused approach.

We will evidence our approach to system change, sharing our learning and evolution at each step, and in collaboration with communities of learning, will challenge ourselves and each other to break the boundaries of oppression inherent within the current paradigm.