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Strategy and values

Our strategy and values are based on our mission to be a platform for connection, transformation and social change.

Platfform is connected, compassionate, brave and curious.

Our vision is sustainable wellbeing for all. For this to become a reality, we need deep-rooted system change in how we understand and respond to emotional distress.


A sense of connection is fundamental to wellbeing. That includes feeling connected with people, places, communities, nature, supportive organisations, and the wider world. To encourage connection we are authentic, open and honest – and treat everyone as equal.


We believe everyone should be treated with compassion, so kindness and empathy sit at the heart of our trauma-informed approach. We do not judge, or suggest we know how people feel – instead, we value individual differences, and give lived experience the respect it deserves.


We are bold in challenging the current paradigm in mental health culture. We’re not afraid to swim against the tide, we expect and accept resistance to change, but we trust our intuition and will be disruptive and determined in securing change for the greater good.


We’re always interested in people’s ideas and experiences, and see our work as a continuous learning curve. We ask questions – and question the answers – as part of a wider social movement exploring new approaches to sustainable wellbeing.

Download our [refreshed] strategy here.