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Workplace wellbeing

We offer a range of wellbeing at work training programmes through Platfform Wellbeing. Our programmes can be tailored for all types of organisations and companies and can be delivered in house or at your venue of choice.

Work Wellbeing Matters

Are you a mental health aware employer? Are you on the journey to show your employees that mental health issues can be discussed openly and comfortably in your place of work?

Platfform Wellbeing has the resources to ensure you take the journey to a workplace that values the wellbeing of its employees. Employees who have the capacity to learn new ways of thriving in challenging times are essential on this journey.

Our introductory sessions for managers will give them the confidence to respond to mental health issues and provide the leadership platform you need to ensure you keep up to date on this important area.

Developing Resilient Employees

Is your organisation capitalising on the knowledge that resilience can be a learned skill and that you can equip your teams with the kinds of resilience skills to help give them a step-up on the daily challenges they face?

Platfform Wellbeing delivers resilience based skill development which can ensure staff are not sent to the front line without the coping skills to see them through the adversities and bring them out on top. The key to Platfform Wellbeing’s success is tailoring our skills to the unique needs of your organisation whilst ensuring that we follow up to ensure the learning has been fully embedded.

Individual Mental Health Coaching and Support

Do you need individual support for someone struggling to ‘get’ the emotional ethos and values of your organisation? Is a sensitive and emotionally intelligent outlook critical to fostering the organisation you seek?

Platfform Wellbeing offers individual support and guidance to employees and managers who need their awareness and emotional capacity enhanced to better allow them to work within their workplace setting. This is not your average management coaching. We facilitate people becoming part of delivering a sensitive and supportive workplace culture.

Employee Assistance Programmes

When employees have personal issues or need support are you satisfied that your Employee Assistance Programme delivers responsive services and gives good value for money?

Platfform Wellbeing offers an Employee Assistance Programme that draws on a quality response at the time your employee needs it the most. Operating on a scalable model that delivers tangible benefits through fully qualified counsellors this service could be particularly helpful for small and medium sized enterprises. Talk to us about how we could be the perfect option for your EAP requirements.

Wellness Team Building Days

Platfform Wellbeing could be the location for your next team building day which can give your teams the productive away day which demonstrates you care and provides hands-on skill building coping techniques for groups of staff

Platfform Wellbeing can provide your team with a full day of wellbeing learning which is both preventative in terms of their personal mental health and can give the team practical skills to bring back to the office. Using our unique Team Day planner you can design the ‘best-fit’ experience which is going to meet your needs.

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