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Young people

We work with young people aged 13-25 to promote wellbeing through a combination of peer support, workshops and courses, 1:1 support and volunteering opportunities.

Platfform for Young People

No one needs a diagnosis to access our projects, we work with anyone who is struggling. We believe it’s important for young people to know that whatever they’re facing, they’re not alone or isolated.

We believe that all young people have innate strengths. Connecting with these strengths is where our work starts. We work with people aged 13 – 25 in a range of settings to promote wellbeing.

Our projects bring young people together so that they can connect and share their experiences with others that may be facing similar challenges to their own. We don’t try to ‘fix’ people, we listen and work with young people to find new ways and strategies that help to promote their mental health and wellbeing.