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Stories from: The diagnosis of personality disorder

This diagnosis doesn’t tell us the full story – or the reasons behind people’s distress.

In these stories from within the medical system, people share their first-hand experiences, their lives after diagnosis, and the stories that the label can’t tell us.

As part of our Truth Project, we want to hear the stories that a diagnosis of personality disorder can mask.

These stories are presented in people’s own words, and go some way to showing us the real reasons behind people’s distress.

A diagnosis like this can suggest that there is something “wrong” with a person – but many people who have received this diagnosis have also experienced past trauma, or had other difficult experiences. The label that a diagnosis gives can stop these stories from being heard.

We’ve been calling on Welsh Government to have use of this diagnosis in Wales reviewed: you can find out more about that here.
If you have a story you would like to share with us, please see the survey linked below.