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Keir’s story

“I was taught to see people as un-helpable.” 

I’ve seen multiple harms inflicted on those who get given this diagnosis and if I’m brutally honest, probably inflicted some myself.  

I was taught to see people as manipulative, attention seeking and un-helpable then lived that for much of my early career. 

 I’ve met mental health staff who see themselves as caring confidently saying they won’t help this group of people. 

 I’ve seen people left in distress when something minor would have made all the difference… but it’s withheld because they are seen through the lens of this diagnosis. 

Speak your truth: your own experiences can help create change

If you want to share your experiences around this diagnosis you can take part in Platfform’s Truth Project.

Platfform are campaigning for a review of the use of the diagnosis of PD. Add your voice to our call for change by sharing your story. We will share these with Welsh Government and use them to strengthen our campaign.

For more information, and to access the survey, click here.

If you are in a mental health crisis, please read this paragraph

If you have been affected by anything in this story and would like to talk to someone you can call Samaritans on 116 123. You can also call the national mental health support line for advice on 111 (press 2.)