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Rydym yn rhan o fudiad cymdeithasol dros newid. Mae hyn yn golygu ein bod yn cydweithredu â phobl a sefydliadau o’r un anian. Os oes gennych ddiddordeb mewn cydweithio gyda ni byddem wrth ein bodd yn clywed gennych.

We believe that the current systems for mental health and the wider health, social care and public sector systems that treat or work with people experiencing difficulties with their mental health need to change to be fit for purpose.

Working towards this change, we collaborate with and continue to be inspired by:

Compassionate Mental Health

Compassionate Mental Health organises events throughout the UK, that all have a focus on calling for a more compassionate, trauma-informed approach to mental distress. Ultimately the hope is to inspire a more wholesome approach to psychiatry, with safe, healing mental health services that people want to use when they are in crisis.

A key message of all Compassionate Mental Health events is choice not coercion – compassion not control, and the understanding that a mental health crisis can become a meaningful turning point and catalyst for change. Along with many other critical voices – Compassionate Mental Health are calling for a radical shift in the way we understand mental health, changing the script, challenging stigma and raising expectations.

This isn’t an anti-psychiatry approach, or one that proposes a right way to recovery, self- management or service improvement. But – along with many other critical voices – we are calling for a radical shift in the way people understand and approach mental health issues.

The goal is to be part of the global call for better, safer mental health services for all. We hope to do this by building bridges and growing understanding that people in crisis need more than just medicine. Feeling connected, finding meaning in crisis, and sharing tools for stability are all vital for a whole person approach.

There needs to be better funding for mental health services in all settings, and there are opportunities at all gatherings to share ideas for the future. Our hope is that we can all move forward together into a more collaborative, compassionate chapter.

Find out more here – www.compassionatementalhealth.co.uk

A Disorder for Everyone

A Disorder for Everyone organises one day events throughout the UK for anyone who is interested in current debates around mental health. It aims to attract psychologists, counsellors, service users, psychotherapists, mental health support professionals, psychiatrists, people with lived experience, managers and individuals with a personal interest. It is a chance to discuss the critical questions of the day around the biomedical model used in mental health. A Disorder For Everyone’s first event took place in Birmingham in October 2016 and is still running one day events throughout the UK.

The theme and message of the event doesn’t change from one city to the next but the content of the day does as do the contributors involved. The event usually opens with a powerful piece that may be poetry or an artistic presentation, and the afternoons usually offer a choice of workshops or a separate afternoon presentation. The events offer a fantastic collection of contributors (see bio section) which is growing continuously as it make our way around the country and gains popularity. The event is committed to opening up this discussion as much as possible and there seems to be plenty of evidence that people are eager to get involved.

Find out more here – www.adisorder4everyone.com

Mayday Trust

Mayday are passionate about reconstructing the system to work for people going through tough times such as homelessness, leaving prison, care or coming out of psychiatric hospital.

Mayday provides direct support through its radical Personal Transitions Service (PTS), which works with people going through tough times, providing strength based and personalised support. Alongside the PTS, Mayday also provide housing in Northamptonshire, Oxford and Westminster through their Housing Transitions Service.

Find out about Mayday’s Personal Transition Services and Wisdom from the Street.