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Lessons from Lockdown

Has the way we work, think and act been changed forever by lockdown? Could you be part of using these experiences to create a better future?

Join us, and let's share what we’ve learnt, what we’ve struggled with, and how both these things can drive change.

It’s time for a national conversation about the shifts we’ve seen in our ambitions, our ways of working, and how we think.

Before Coronavirus, many of us will have moved towards being more person-focused, strengths-based, and collaborative. But has the pandemic moved us further from those goals, or has finding ways to rise to the challenge actually helped us?

Join us, and let us know what you’ve faced, what you’ve overcome, and what you’ve discovered. Because if we can record what we’ve learnt, then we can share it, build on it, and use it to create a brighter future.

Got something to share but can’t make the event? Share your experiences with us at talk@platfform.org