Our Manifesto for Change

We’re calling for an evolution in the way that mental health is understood and treated. Read about our recommendations in our Manifesto for change.

Our vision for moving Wales forward

Building on the recent publication of the Senedd Health and Social Care Committee report, Connecting the dots: tackling mental health inequalities in Wales, we are now sharing our vision for moving Wales forward in our Manifesto for Change. Read our Manifesto here.

Working with over 9000 people a year who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, we’ve seen the same patterns emerging time and again. It’s clear that the helping systems in place are not working and that our collective mental health is worsening.

The systems need to be redesigned to take into account the things that are really affecting our collective mental health; poverty, adversity, injustice and trauma.

We need to take action and build the things that will help create real change; fair work, good pay, quality housing, good childcare, good education, access to transport, green spaces, inclusion, and opportunities for connection and relationships.

The journey towards change has already begun, and the building blocks of a better system in Wales are already being laid. What we need next is long-term commitment to continue driving that shift forward. This means creating sustainable conditions and committing to a journey that we know will take decades to realise. But the years of evidence, the stories of millions, and the scientific research make it clear: we need to start now.

Share your thoughts, join the movement.

There is a lot to be proud of, and so it is from a place of hope that we make the following further recommendations for transformation and change.

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