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Updates during Coronavirus

We’re doing our bit to help stop the spread of Coronavirus and following Public Health Wales’ guidelines during the outbreak.

What we’re doing

We’re doing our bit to help stop the spread of Coronavirus by following Public Health Wales’ guidelines for staying safe during the outbreak.

Our staff are working from home wherever possible in order to keep themselves and the people we work with as safe as we can. Please remember that you can still contact us direct on our mobile phones, via our office phone numbers and on email and social media.

For local office contact details please visit this page.

Are we working with you?

If you’re getting support from one of our projects, please remember we are still running and we’re here for you.  Please contact whoever you normally see at Platfform using their mobile number, email, or your local office phone number if you have any questions or concerns.

If you’re supporting someone living with dementia, the pandemic may present you with additional challenges, especially when it comes to communicating about what’s happening and why. Here, we’ve pulled together some useful advice, resources and activities; we hope this will make things a little easier.

We are all in this together. Keep in touch.

Feeling anxious?

Here are some tips to help manage anxiety around Coronavirus.

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