Axis Toolkit and Training

“We have become not a melting pot, but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams” – Jimmy Carter

Everyone has a cultural identity – no matter where you’re from

Some people face cultural barriers. Axis All Areas helps you break through these barriers to deliver culturally appropriate substance misuse support.

Developed by the NewLink Wales team, the toolkit takes you through each step of preparing to work with a client, making sure you get to grips with their cultural needs, and giving you a structured way of tailoring the support you offer to your clients.

It’s also a great way to get answers to those difficult questions about culturally appropriate working that it can be tough to ask.

Axis All Areas is about embracing and celebrating diversity, and encouraging, equipping and educating others on how to do so, too.

How does it work?

The toolkit is broken down into a number of different packs, forming a comprehensive overview of what you’ll need to do. These packs include cultural needs assessment, overcoming language barriers and maximising communication, faith-based and religious perspectives on substance misuse, interpersonal and community relationships, and much more.

We deliver the toolkit as 1-day bespoke training, adjusted to fit the organisation you’re working for, and the team you’re working with. The training includes our Axis All Areas Toolkit pack.

Why does it exist?

In 2005, we launched research into why minority ethnic groups weren’t accessing substance misuse-related services when there was a need to do so. This research led us to form the Axis team.

Between 2005-2013 we engaged with over 10,000 people from diverse ethnic communities in Wales, but found that people were referred to Axis when they didn’t really need to be, simply due to gaps in practitioner knowledge, and the lack of confidence that went with it.

The Axis Toolkit was set up help fix this. It’s the only project of its type in Wales, and forms part of our wider mission to drive up standards of substance misuse services in Wales.

Can I book the training for my team?

Yes. The Axis All Areas Tookit is delivered as a 1-day bespoke training course – just get in touch with our training team, and we’ll discuss with you how best to fit the training to your organisation. We’ll then deliver the training, either in your premises or on-site in our business centre; whatever suits you best.


E: 029 20 529 002

The Axis Toolkit is made possible via support from the Welsh Government and the Cardiff and Vale APB

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