⁠⁠Ending Homelessness in Wales: our response to White Paper

This White Paper is proportionate, progressive and positive. However, we have concerns over funding, the creation of a ‘deliberate manipulation test’, and a need for a wider understanding of mental health to run through any legislation adopted as a result.

This White Paper promises a new way of working across Wales, which we believe is proportionate, progressive and positive. It will make an impact, for good, on the experiences of people applying for housing, and for those who are currently locked out of the system because they are too often deemed as ‘complex’ or ‘challenging’. 

We are particularly encouraged to see Welsh Government proposing changes to priority need, intentionality, and other areas. These would be hugely significant changes, marking a sea change in the approaches we take within the housing system, and we welcome them warmly, and congratulate the Welsh Government for putting these ideas forward.

Our key concerns are focused on the funding needed to create the conditions needed for this shift. Our concerns also focus on the creation of a ‘deliberate manipulation test’ that we are worried will risk introducing a shame-based test for people in positions of vulnerability. In particular, we are keen to see a rights-based understanding of mental health throughout the relevant sections of the White Paper.

Elsewhere across the response, we have also highlighted further areas for improvement, development or clarification of the proposals by Welsh Government in addition to those key elements above.

We welcome the vision, intention and commitment to change shown in this White Paper.

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