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NewLink Wales Training

Our training is comprehensive, accessible, delivered by our on-site experts and updated on a constant basis.

Our training days cover just about everything you’ll need to know about substance use, harm reduction and prevention, and other wellbeing-related topics - whatever your role.


It’s in the nature of substance use that it changes constantly. Our training team updates our courses and adds to our training programme frequently to allow us to keep up, and to make sure the knowledge we give you is always useful, relevant, and as current as it gets.

Some of the areas we cover include –

  • Substance Use Awareness (and Advanced level), including New Psychoactive Substances
  • Cannabis Awareness and Harm Reduction
  • Understanding Naloxone
  • Mephedrone Understanding: Harm Reduction and Prevention

If there’s a course we don’t currently offer, or you’d like one of our courses delivered for your organisation, get in touch to suggest a course or to discuss bespoke training.