VOLocity is our general volunteering programme for the substance misuse sector.

It means you can use your skills to make a difference, learn new skills to boost your future, and meet some incredible people.

‘Worthwhile.’ It’s a Strong Word.

But it absolutely sums up the work our volunteers do through VOLocity.

You don’t need to have had a personal experience of substance misuse or wider wellbeing issues to volunteer via VOLocity – just a passion for making a difference.

There’s many organisations across Cardiff and the Vale, supporting people every day, who simply wouldn’t be able to function without the volunteers we provide. At any given time, we’ll have well over 100 volunteers working in substance misuse services across Wales.

Does it benefit you?

The training, the skills, the experience, and the people you meet all add up to an immensely valuable experience. Volunteering builds confidence, makes CVs stand out, and enhances employability. And that’s on top the knowledge that you’re making a real, tangible difference to your community, and the wider world.

What do we need from you?

Some people have a lot of time to give. Some people have very busy lives. Whatever time you can spare, we can use. We just ask that you consider the needs of the people you’ll be supporting, if your time commitments change at any point.

How does it work?

Get in touch via the details at the bottom of the page, and we’ll send you the relevant application form. Next, we’ll invite you in for a chat, to work out if substance misuse sector volunteering is for you. If it is, we’ll then look at the skills you’ve got and work out what work matches you best. Everyone has abilities – we want to work out how we can use yours.

Next is training. We’ll give you three days of free training, a solid grounding in what you need to know. This includes our one-day Substance Misuse Awareness course. If you continue volunteering, we’ll also give you a bit more training further down the line.

After the three-day training, we’ll look through the volunteering opportunities we’ve got available and work out with you what organisation or service could best use your skills.
If you’re interested in volunteering with our team, there’s often opportunities here, too.

We’ll support you throughout your volunteering, so if there’s ever anything you’re not sure of, we’re there to help you figure it out.

One more thing

Thank you. Without people volunteering with us, we couldn’t do what we do, or make the differences that we make. So thanks for considering us – from our team, and the people we work with.

T: 029 2052 9002

E: nlwvolunteering@platfform.org

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