Footsteps to Recovery

Every recovery is different. Footsteps to Recovery allows you to access services from across organisations. It acts as a starting point if you’re not sure which services are right for you.

We’ve teamed up with Pobl and Recovery Cymru to put it together.

You don’t have to know what services you need; we’ll work with you to figure that out. Our relaxed ThruCare Cafe afternoons allow us to talk this over with you.

So what’s available?

Your recovery is individual to you. The Footsteps ‘Mix and Match’ approach means you can build your own set of services, so you’ve got a structure that’s going to work for you.

For the full list of services, you’ll want the Pobl page on this.

As part of the AfterCare bit, we offer our MILE and NewSteps programmes. They’re perfect if you’re nearing the end of treatment and want to get involved in some worthwhile projects to help you cement recovery. They can also help you use your unique experience of substance recovery to help others.

How does it work, and how can I get involved?

If you’re already working with a recovery service, talk to them. Your keyworker will be able to make a referral. They’ll just need to drop the Footsteps team a line to get the ball rolling.

If you’re not already working with a service, fill in the referral form and send it to the e-mail address below.

After that, we’ll invite you into one of our ThruCare cafes. It’s a relaxed setting where we chat with you and figure out, together, what services would work best for you. Usually you’ll meet us about 10 days after we get your referral form.

In detox or rehabilitation? No problem – Footsteps to Recovery can provide inreach into these facilities in place of the ThruCare cafe.

Download the referral form on Pobl’s Footsteps to Recovery page

T: 029 2038 8717


Footsteps to Recovery runs across Cardiff and the Vale.