World Mental Health Day 2019

Instagram Post for World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health Day 2019 we took a 24 hour social media break to make space for connections with the people, nature, animals and places that contribute towards our mental health and wellbeing.

Moderation in all things (…even social media)

Despite our love for social media, we know how easy it is to get sucked into its never-ending stream of pictures and information. At times, this can be a welcomed distraction but it can also take away from time connecting in person or make being present whilst doing something we enjoy difficult.

Taking an occasional break from social media can help us to find balance and tune in to what we need for our wellbeing. Maybe social media helps some to make connections, but for others can distract them from being present. We all have different needs but allowing ourselves the time to check in with what we need can be beneficial.

Some people schedule a digital detox day where they spend time with loved ones without distractions, others like to put their phone on airplane mode and journal or paint for a couple of hours. Why not try it and see what feels good for you?

Researchers (listed below) believe that a need for connection is instinctive and crucial for our survival from the day we are born. As adults, it is a core need for us to thrive, but today’s way of life can make it difficult for us to be present and enjoy meaningful connections with the people and places around us.

Connection and Platfform

Since becoming Platfform in July, we have prioritised four core values that influence everything that we do. Connection is the top of our list.

Connection is fundamental to wellbeing. That includes feeling connected with ourselves, to the people and places around us, our communities and the wider world. To connect with others we are authentic, open and honest – and treat everyone as equal.

Digital media is great for making connections but for meaningful relationships to take place we need to give others and ourselves time to be fully present. We used World Mental Health Day as an opportunity to do this, but maybe we could all take time out to unplug from digital media and similar distractions, even if only for a couple of hours.