1. Financing the plan to end homelessness

    James Radcliffe

    Head of Public Affairs and Influence

    Platfform is supporting Cymorth Cymru and Community Housing Cymru’s call for the Welsh Government to ensure their forthcoming budget truly helps to end homelessness in Wales.

    08 December 2021
  2. The Wales Basic Income Pilot: valuing people over paperwork

    James Radcliffe

    Head of Public Affairs and Influence

    We want to see a world where people who may have received a mental health diagnosis no longer have to attend impersonal, system-led assessments in order to be able to eat.

    10 September 2021
  3. Nothing right without a fight

    Oliver Townsend

    Head of Partnerships and Practice

    There are thousands of skilled, passionate, amazing people throughout Wales working hard to make changes for people going through tough times. And yet something gets in the way. That something is the system.

    06 July 2021
  4. Why it’s so important for 16 and 17-year-olds to vote

    James Radcliffe

    Head of Public Affairs and Influence

    There are now less than five weeks to go until the Welsh Elections. They will be the first elections in Wales in which 16 and 17-year-olds will have the right to vote, and we will be encouraging everyone to vote.

    01 April 2021
  5. Kindness in Public Services

    Guest Contributor

    It’s obvious that well supported people, where barriers to opportunity are removed, will go on to live more fulfilling and productive lives.  Kindness is about removing those barriers.

    12 November 2020
  6. Let’s be cautious about kindness

    Ewan Hilton

    Chief Executive

    Kindness on its own doesn’t quite cut it for me. It glosses over the really tough stuff. The pain, the poverty, the generational unemployment, abuse, violence and structural inequality that many people face every day.

    19 May 2020
  7. Tips to share with children to help them cope with the new normal

    Elizabeth Gregory

    Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    We are used to life staying pretty much the same – doing the same things, going to the same places and seeing the same people. That has changed with Coronavirus; and we are all having to get used to life being very different.

    08 April 2020