1. On bumpy but exciting starts, relationships and complexity

    Ewan Hilton

    Chief Executive

    Building on the 30 plus year history we have of working with people experiencing mental health challenges and in systems designed to offer help and support, from the stories of over 9000 people a year we support and the 300 staff who offer support; based on established and emerging research and evidence (or lack of), we have created our Manifesto for change.

    26 January 2023
  2. Systemic abuse in helping services impacts all of us

    Dr Jen Daffin

    Community Clinical Psychologist - Trauma Informed Practice Lead

    We must stop putting the issue of mental health onto the person and blame them or think of ‘them’ as second-class citizens but we must recognise the role adversity, trauma, distress and injustice have on our mental health.

    21 November 2022
  3. The cost of living, and the cost of delay: why deeper change is needed now

    James Radcliffe

    Head of Public Affairs and Influence

    'The energy price cap, while welcome, won’t address the fears of those dreading winter in a cold house. It won’t stop their savings being eaten away. And it won’t undo the damage done to our collective health’ - our Head of Policy explains the need for deeper change.

    04 October 2022
  4. Dipping toes in trauma informed ways of being

    Guest Contributor

    We’ve all been in the same storm but on different boats. We've shared a collective trauma but we have experienced it individually. So, no surprise then that there is not a one-size-fits-all formula for how to support each other in this almost post, but still lingering pandemic.

    13 July 2021
  5. Why it’s so important for 16 and 17-year-olds to vote

    James Radcliffe

    Head of Public Affairs and Influence

    There are now less than five weeks to go until the Welsh Elections. They will be the first elections in Wales in which 16 and 17-year-olds will have the right to vote, and we will be encouraging everyone to vote.

    01 April 2021
  6. Radical changes, made together: the New Systems Alliance

    Oliver Townsend

    Head of Partnerships and Practice

    We are committed as a group of organisations, to change. We will break down the barriers that people face, we will hold a mirror to our own shortcomings, and we will build consensus for a new way.

    10 November 2020