1. Anti-racism: where we’ve got to.

    I am working to create change at Platfform, to ensure that there is an equal playing field for all, and to help make us an organisation that reflects a wider range of backgrounds and experiences.

    14 December 2021
  2. Trans Awareness Week: the challenges and joys of realising and understanding who you are

    In a society that spends so much time defining people by whether they have a male or female body, realising that yours doesn’t match up with your identity can be a profoundly difficult situation to navigate. Adding to that, the intense media speculation and frequently heated debate on the matter can have a significant effect on your mental health.

    12 November 2021
  3. Why it’s so important for 16 and 17-year-olds to vote

    There are now less than five weeks to go until the Welsh Elections. They will be the first elections in Wales in which 16 and 17-year-olds will have the right to vote, and we will be encouraging everyone to vote.

    01 April 2021
  4. Lockdown: conversations for change

    This report brings together what was learned during lockdown, what it means for the health of our current system, and how these experiences may fuel future change.

    28 January 2021
  5. Radical changes, made together: the New Systems Alliance

    Oliver Townsend

    We are committed as a group of organisations, to change. We will break down the barriers that people face, we will hold a mirror to our own shortcomings, and we will build consensus for a new way.

    10 November 2020
  6. Listening from Lockdown

    As some of us emerge from our four walls and others from the relentless work on the coalface we want to dive in to how this is all feeling and what sense we can make of it.

    03 July 2020