1. The cost of living, and the cost of delay: why deeper change is needed now

    James Radcliffe

    Head of Public Affairs and Influence

    'The energy price cap, while welcome, won’t address the fears of those dreading winter in a cold house. It won’t stop their savings being eaten away. And it won’t undo the damage done to our collective health’ - our Head of Policy explains the need for deeper change.

    04 October 2022
  2. Listening from Lockdown

    Guest Contributor

    As some of us emerge from our four walls and others from the relentless work on the coalface we want to dive in to how this is all feeling and what sense we can make of it.

    03 July 2020
  3. Why language matters

    Bryony Shannon

    Practice Development Officer

    Language is the most powerful tool we have. Let’s use it well.

    09 March 2020
  4. This could be why you’re depressed or anxious

    Johann Hari


    In this thought-provoking talk, journalist and author Johann Hari shares fresh insights on the causes of depression and anxiety from experts around the world - as well as some emerging solutions.

    22 January 2020
  5. World Mental Health Day 2019

    Laurence Shanahan

    For World Mental Health Day 2019 we took a 24 hour social media break - find out why.

    10 October 2019
  6. Reading List

    Guest Contributor

    A book full of wisdom, experience and a passion for change that we cannot recommend enough.

    26 September 2019
  7. On Calling It Out

    Ewan Hilton

    Chief Executive

    I’m pointing out an uncomfortable truth.  A truth that I believe stands in the way of true transformational system change.

    05 July 2019